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Anastasia’s got me Gleamin’!

You may remember the madness surrounding the Anastasia Illuminators.  I do!!! I convinced myself that buying "So Hollywood" was the best thing ever thinking "I ain't pale enough to use Starlight and it's basically Becca Pearl-ish", and so ordered only that that from Cult Beauty and fell in love with it. Hard. Guess what? I have… Continue reading Anastasia’s got me Gleamin’!

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Guerlain L’Or Primer – The L’ord of Primers

I typically don't wear jewellery - well, except the ring "Le Beau" gave me and everytime I don't wear it, I get the *stinky eye*. But there is one gold thang I have been slapping on my face like nothing - The Guerlain L'or Primer with flecks of real gold in it. To be honest, I would see… Continue reading Guerlain L’Or Primer – The L’ord of Primers

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Steal A (Stila) Haul!

Did you get it??  No?? Oh, never mind! This particular "haulage" happened when I was low, so I had a bit of retail therapy. I was anyway looking for a muti-tasking face palette which would enable me to atleast look presentable in the mornings at office. On normal days, I just wear concealor in a hurry and… Continue reading Steal A (Stila) Haul!

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The Mara(Cheeka)thon!

Now, you would not catch me even lift a finger, much less my body to go to my terrace for a walk. better be sure than I ran my fingers on the keyboard at incredible marathon speeds to find out where this product was - The Benefit Cheekathon Palette!! Now, this is not the… Continue reading The Mara(Cheeka)thon!

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Caudalie Maskamania!

Have you ever walked in Sephora in UAE recently and noticed they have really good mini selections near the till?? Is this new?? Because I have been watching the collection grow and include many good minis. I went there 2 weeks back and found miniatures of Caudalie's new masks. They recently launched a whole set of… Continue reading Caudalie Maskamania!


Clarins Face Oils

I am a greaseball! I am not kidding, nothing stays on my face - except excessively mattifying products. So me buying facial oils was like a "Whoa!! What you thinkin' female?!!" moment if nothing else. It was way back in 2014, when I was a newbie to make up and owned no foundation/blush - nothing!!!!, that I read… Continue reading Clarins Face Oils


Hair Woes in UAE

One of the main problems I have had in the UAE is hair-fall due to the treated water. My hair has suffered for 8 years now. How nice would it be if it stopped only at hair-fall! I got frizzy hair with split-ends as bonus. My scalp is very oily and sensitive - never dry -… Continue reading Hair Woes in UAE