Hair Woes in UAE

One of the main problems I have had in the UAE is hair-fall due to the treated water. My hair has suffered for 8 years now. How nice would it be if it stopped only at hair-fall! I got frizzy hair with split-ends as bonus. My scalp is very oily and sensitive – never dry – I have to wash every day in summer. My hair is thin, fine but I have too much of it. And it is the texture where it curls down the end but stays straight at the top; the middle down frizzes like crazy and tangles like mad!

The frizz is not as bad in winter, but come summer and humidity – I am all for a scarf to hide my hair! I was trying several things for taming the frizz and also the split ends to get some LIFE into my hair (ignore the drama..I have three hairs on my head, and I am passionate about preserving them!)

I have been a regular user of the Boots Almond Coconut Leave in Conditioner Spray for years, it works well. You can use it after a hair wash or sparingly to help the detangling and frizz else it will weigh it down. The scent is good and it doesn’t dry the hair as the day goes by. Highly recommend!! I have to repurchase it soon as I am out of it currently.

IMG_0004 - Copy (2)Since I have been out of that, I bought the Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment from FeelUnique.com and they have regular offers on this. You can also buy this from Boots and Nazih Stores in the UAE – but hey, they had a sale and I won’t pass that up.

It is thick, dark golden in color and almost gooey but smells and feels amazing. The bottle has a pump which is good so you aren’t spilling it around. I use it sparingly as a detangler because to be honest, it did nothing miraculous for the split ends, I had to have my hair cut several inches ultimately. I think it’s a good preventive product though. But as a detangler – it is fab, fab, FAAAAAAB!! I would say though, don’t overdo it as it will weigh your hair down especially if it is fine like mine Also, as a overnight hair treatment or with a hot towel wrapped for 15 minutes, it is relaxing and good and your hair will thank you when you wash it.

I like this!


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