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Caudalie Maskamania!

Have you ever walked in Sephora in UAE recently and noticed they have really good mini selections near the till?? Is this new?? Because I have been watching the collection grow and include many good minis.

I went there 2 weeks back and found miniatures of Caudalie’s new masks. They recently launched a whole set of 4 masks catering to different needs – Detox, Purifying, Moisture and a Glycolic Peel. Since I have an oily skin issue, I initially have given the moisture one a pass.

The trial sizes retail for around 59 AED and the full size for 148 AED. Here is a picture of the ones I have currently.

IMG_0003 - Copy (3)

The tubes are so rustic with the wooden cap. I like the packaging so far. The Purifying Mask (right) and the Detox Mask (middle) are fairly scented with the signature Caudalie Parfum. If scents bother you, these are to avoid. However, if you can get past that, they are actually good. The Glycolic (left) and Purifying masks are white while the Detox is a light pink in color. All have a dry time of 10 minutes – I keep it for 15 or so. Washing these off is easy with water, or with a flannel if you prefer.

The Detox mask is good for getting rid of excess sebum. It works well, but then doesn’t dry out the skin like the Sephora clay mask does. My skin felt nice and smooth after using this for 10 minutes. If your skin is sensitive, but not to scented products, you may want to try this.

The Purifying one, I have yet to try fully.  I would rather be using this as a spot treatment or as a precaution for PMS breakouts along my jawline. It does tingle and pinch the skin a little, but again – no stretchy dry feeling in the skin.

The Glycolic Mask is my favourite. One week after I bought it, I actually recieved a Black Card 200 Point voucher in the email from Sephora to redeem either a Too Faced set or a Caudalie Set with a full size Glycolic Mask and a half size face wash.
The product is genius – gentle and yet works even on my sensitive skin. Does a little tingle which feels more like an itch but no redness. The results are seen instantly after one application. If you cannot take Glycolic Peel Pads and react to them – try this for sure. But don’t forget the sunscreen for that week.

You can get them, apart from Sephora, at Cult Beauty and Feel Unique. The latter usually has sales on so you may want to check them out.




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