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The Mara(Cheeka)thon!

Now, you would not catch me even lift a finger, much less my body to go to my terrace for a walk. better be sure than I ran my fingers on the keyboard at incredible marathon speeds to find out where this product was – The Benefit Cheekathon Palette!!

Now, this is not the first time Benefit Cosmetics has done a palette like this where they combine their cult favourite Box Blushes (and Hoola Bronzer) in a travel palette (with obnoxiously useless packaging) around the holidays. They did one years ago, but they have been doing them consistently for the last 2 years or so.

The offering this time – 5 full size products as pictured below.cheekathon 1.JPGThe last one I have is the Sweet Box o’ Blushes with the now discontinued Bella Bamba. I did not bother with the next one, The Real Cheeky Party Blushes,  as both these ones got “not so good” reviews fromTemptalia here and here. This one got a little better reviews and was a good value for money – so I went for it.
cheekathon 2.JPG

I bought mine from Glamazle for 310.00 AED and free delivery. They do stock the latest releases before they hit Sephora Middle East which, if you want to buy them beforehand, is a good thing. The individual Box Blushes are about 145 AED a piece, so I would say this is a steal!!

About the palette now – I was thankful it was not in the some tin box like the previous one and quite light and compact. Benefit Cosmetics always include Hoola and the brush in the palettes. The powders are in a foamy sleeve from which you can depot them in a Z palette for travel. The quality is better than the previous ones for sure! They swatch very close to their original counterparts in the boxes. (No swatches as I suck at them)
It has full sizes of Hoola (Bronzer), Dandelion (Pale Pink Brightening Blush/Powder), Rockteur (Glowing Blush / Topper), Dallas (Bronzing Blush – Dustry Rose) and Coralista (Coral Blush).

cheekathon 3

It even got a good review on my favourite blog ReallyRee

Let me know what you think about this and if you got yours, what do you think of it?


3 thoughts on “The Mara(Cheeka)thon!”

  1. ughhh! I think I will be purchasing this eventually…I just hit pan on my rockateur blush which I love (It takes forever for me to hit pan on a blush!!) I also really want to try dallas. They took it off the counters for a long time but recently brought it back. I’ve heard great things! I feel like this is a great deal because it comes with all of their best blushes and is about the price of buying 2 of them but you get 5!! Thanks for the review!!


    1. No issues! I think you will love this. About Dallas, I was so scared last year that I went and bought a back-up but in Dubai, no Sephora was actually aware of that, which sortof gave me hope. Its a good deal. I just wish they would sub the Dandelion or the brush with Bella Bamba. That was a good one.


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