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Steal A (Stila) Haul!

Did you get it??  No?? Oh, never mind!

This particular “haulage” happened when I was low, so I had a bit of retail therapy. I was anyway looking for a muti-tasking face palette which would enable me to atleast look presentable in the mornings at office. On normal days, I just wear concealor in a hurry and some mascara – it makes me look so flat faced that I have to have something more. This, when I saw it on Youtube, seemed like the answer to my woes.

Anyway, here are the palettes from Stila – The “Perfect Me Perfect Hue” Palettes in Light/Medium and Medium/Tan shades or “Hues“. Each has 2 blushes and 4 eyeshadows and 1 base for the eye, all powder formulations. I got mine from Cult Beauty recently. Stila is fairly easy to find though – ASOS, FeelUnique, and Glamazle also carry this brand. Except the prices at Glamazle are high – 250 AED or something. I got mine for 125 AED approx. each which makes me wonder – Why yo prices high yea, Glamzy?stila1.JPG

The packaging is beautiful with the leopard print. I somehow thought these would be a bit bigger but they are a little on the smaller side and fit in my hand easily. Each has a mirror, so good for travel and on the go. The palettes come in four different “hues” to complement fair/light, light/medium, medium/tan and tan/deep shades of skin tones. I got the two I thought most appealed to me, although except for fair/light, I liked all the other three.
Here’s a shot of both palettes –

Stila Palette in shade Light/Medium
stila 3.JPGI liked the color scheme of this palette. The base is softer and the eyeshadows are easy everyday neutrals (champagne, gold and brown vibes) but are also highly pigmented and blend well. The blushes are pigmented and not chalky at all. All products are generously sized and compliment each other well.

Stila Palette in shade Medium/Tan
This was the one I fell in love with at first online view. It was warm, coppery, delectable and everything I wanted with that coppery blush and the eyeshadow and brown and burgundy vibe. It is perfection for me.

I would highly recommend these to you. A bonus- the names all the pans and how you apply is given on the back of each palette – but you do you babe. It’s makeup, you go to town with it!

I however, have only ONE major gripe with these palettes. The PANS– they seem a little off. Some eyeshadow pans are loose and about to come off. I can actually depot them. I am thinking it may have happened during transit because the weather here in Abu Dhabi is currently Humid Central status and I get simultanously steamed and fried everyday. Apart from that, these are excellent palettes for travel and on the go makeup. I keep one in my small office makeup pouch and am no longer, Le Flat Face.


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