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Anastasia’s got me Gleamin’!

You may remember the madness surrounding the Anastasia Illuminators I do!!! I convinced myself that buying “So Hollywood” was the best thing ever thinking “I ain’t pale enough to use Starlight and it’s basically Becca Pearl-ish”, and so ordered only that that from Cult Beauty and fell in love with it. Hard.

Guess what? I have been madly hunting for Starlight since then – and it’s GONE!! I asked the people at Cult Beauty and they confirmed the same, no more Starlight. Thus, I went on my usual rampage to find and console myself with the closest dupe that I could find. Enter Temptalia and Anastasia Glow Kit in Gleam.


I read and saw a lot of amazing reviews on these kits and I thought they were permanent so was not that bothered about the “rush and grab them when you can” hue and cry. But I saw the prices for Starlight on e-bay – ain’t nobody payin’ $250.00 for a highlight (even if it has unicorn baby tears in it)!! Plus, these kits also turned out to be Limited Edition! *cry*.

Hence, the online purchase for Gleam glow kit for the shade Crushed Pearl listed on Temptalia as a dupe. Glamazle has this kit for 229.00 AED but trust me Cult Beauty is a better choice- free shipping currently on Anastasia BH and in AED (as no taxes are applicable) it comes to around 165.00 AED (approx.). Mine came in yesterday and I have been busy playing with it. We don’t have ABH in Sephora UAE, unlike Sephora USA, etc. *The height of being unfair!*

Here are the shades – Gleam2.JPG

These are beautiful! So beautiful to look at on the skin that I ordered “Sun Dipped” and it’s on the way to me. I did not order “That Glow” for now, simply because individually the powders in “Sun Dipped” had better reviews on Temptalia. I tried taking swatches but mangled my arm, so yeah..

Coming to the powders now, heres my view on this palette –
Powders are almost creamy, pigmented and blend well. On my Mac NW22 skin Starburst and Crushed Pearl almost look the same, the latter being a little warmer. Crushed Pearl on me leans ever so slightly warm gold and Starburst has a bit of pale pink/peach in it. I do not like Hard Candy only because it has a pink/gold  iridescent shift which I have no clue what to do with- not my cup of tea, but it is as good as the others in quality. I think it would be a good topper for matte blushes. Mimosa is a light golden peach dream both as highlighter/bronzer topper or an eyeshadow. That’s the other thing about these palettes – versatility. You get toppers, eyeshadow and highlighters (even darker bronzer shades for actual use as bronzers) at such an amazing price. You can also mix the shades to create your custom highlight shade. The options are endless!!
Pan sizes are HUGE and it is such a good value for the money. No mirror though, in the palette. But I like that because it reduces bulk. The pans can be depotted and the palette itself is quite compact and has a light yet sturdy carboard packaging.

You need to get them now if you want them, else be like me searching for the kits on e-bay for exorbitent prices in the future. Come to think of it, I think I need “That Glow kit as well…

Let me know your thoughts on these.


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