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La Prairie Cellular Loose Powder

Have you ever powdered so much that it looked like a baking class gone wrong? GUILTY! I have oily skin, so I do powder pretty much everytime whether its over a foundation or a BB Cream. As I keep powdering my face through the day, I get that weird cake-face look and it just feels so heavy that… Continue reading La Prairie Cellular Loose Powder

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Lips(tick) like a Queen

I love lipsticks, not the liquid ones- my lips HATE'em- but the good ol' bullet roll up and apply ones. I have tried a lot of brands, but one of my favourites is Poppy King's Lipstick Queen! I found out about the brand from YouTube after Poppy launched the Endless Summer Collection and promptly ordered them. I have almost… Continue reading Lips(tick) like a Queen

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Becca(use) you gotta glow!

Highlighters are everywhere! Every company is launching new and improved versions whether it be liquid or powder or creme, and everyone's caught up in this fervor. For me, it all started with Becca. I was not initially into makeup, I did not even know what "highlighter" was. But when I saw Opal and Moonstone online… Continue reading Becca(use) you gotta glow!

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Caudalie Hand Creams- Lurve!

It's really funny that I take so much better care of my face and body and hair - my hands I tend to forget. And because I have eczema on my hands, they do not like it one bit and retaliate. The past few weeks I have had really dry, sore palms and cracked bruised skin… Continue reading Caudalie Hand Creams- Lurve!

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My Modern Renaissance…

Everyone's been blazin' on this. palette - EVERYONE! I figured, as it is I am on a Anastasia roll with the glow kits and what not, so why not order this as well. It was like makeup and history in one palette! I got mine from Cult Beauty for 165.00 AED, thinking it was a… Continue reading My Modern Renaissance…

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SK(II)N Care for Me!

I was never much into skin care - baby lotion, calamine for breakouts and baby soap had me covered. But as I crossed 25, I realized it was not enough. I started reacting to things I would not react to, my skin became oilier and more sensitive and acne prone and I was a mess.… Continue reading SK(II)N Care for Me!

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Highlighter, Palette

Sun Dippin’ Glow

I mentioned in my previous post about ABH Gleam Glow kit, that I was tempted to buy the Sun Dipped kit as well, although the That Glow kit was pretty close to being in my cart. Sadly, I am unable to order "That Glow" through Cult Beauty, Sephora UAE does not sell ABH, and I refuse to pay extreme… Continue reading Sun Dippin’ Glow


Shakin’ that Juicy Shaker!

I have been driving everyone crazy these days - at home and at office - because whenever they have seen me, I have been wildly shaking the new Lancome Juicy Shaker in Mangoes Wild and applying it everytime I possibly can. I know, I fell into the hype. But I saw them in the Sephora at… Continue reading Shakin’ that Juicy Shaker!

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The Cheeky Lips(tuff) in my bag.

I have been blessed with the weirdest chappiest lips - no matter winter or summer - thou shall flake and ache! It may be partly also because I keep licking my lips, but oh well... I was going through my bag the other day to sort of clear the things out and lo behold, found… Continue reading The Cheeky Lips(tuff) in my bag.

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Liquid Metal On My Eyes!

I have deep dark eyesockets and hooded eyes. When I apply eyeshadow, I look like edward scissorhands most days and a shimmery raccoon mess after 4 hours because I have oily eyelids and everything goes everywhere. Hence, PRIMERS! Usually, I like to stick to matte eyeshadows and the most simplest of looks because I am… Continue reading Liquid Metal On My Eyes!