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Liquid Metal On My Eyes!

I have deep dark eyesockets and hooded eyes. When I apply eyeshadow, I look like edward scissorhands most days and a shimmery raccoon mess after 4 hours because I have oily eyelids and everything goes everywhere. Hence, PRIMERS!
I like to stick to matte eyeshadows and the most simplest of looks because I am lazy in the morning and simply cannot be bothered.

But I crave bling (on the eyes) like any other warm blooded female. One youtuber who seems to have it on point is Tati who in this video introduced me to Catrice eyeshadows – the liquid Metal ones. Obviously you cannot order them online in UAE, like the other million things that are included in this frustating list and neither is it sold in drugstores. I did however, manage to find it recently on Souq for AED 19.00 a piece. Initially I ordered 3, but then I liked them so much, I ordered more. They keep adding new colors I think, and order on weekends, please – shipping is free!
Here’s what they look like – Catrice 0.JPG

I have the colours #120 (Satina Van Der Woodsen –  slight pink champagne gold), #040 (Under Treasure – neutral taupe which reminds me of SMOG from UD Naked 1), #010 (Look Me In The Ice – white glitter shadow), #080 (Mauves Like Jagger – cool taupey mauve), #020 (Gold N Roses – rose gold as per the name), and #030 (We Are The Champagnes – pure champagne gold).

Catrice 1.JPG

The packaging is thick acrylic like the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips, and weighty just like them as well. The eyeshadows have a wave pattern and are initially a bit stiff, but then they turn buttery – too buttery in which case they are better applied with a finger than a brush. The only brush I own which worked with them was the one from the Nars Dual Intensity Palette. They are sparkly and smooth and adhere well to primers. I use them as face highlights, inner corner brighteners and lid toppers for highlighting the center of my eyelid (on a stick eyeshadow base). The only one I like using all over is Under Treasure. There is fall out, so do the eye make-up first.
A word of warning – They are very fragile. My Satina Van Der Woodsen fell from my hands one day and I thought it crumpled up but it seemed fine – just detached from the pan. I pushed it back in and it was ok. But I progressively found the shadow cracking to where it’s actually in two halves now. Alcohol would change the way they feel, so I have not done that yet.Catrice 2.JPG
Swatches – #080, #020, #010, #120, #030 ,#040

These are good to dress up the glam look on club and party night outs; or generally if you love sparkling glittery wham! eyeshadows. The shades I have, I love them all for different reasons.
If you can, try them and see for yourself.



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