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The Cheeky Lips(tuff) in my bag.

I have been blessed with the weirdest chappiest lips – no matter winter or summer – thou shall flake and ache! It may be partly also because I keep licking my lips, but oh well…

I was going through my bag the other day to sort of clear the things out and lo behold, found some lip / cheek products that have been must haves for me recently, so thought to share them here and tell a bit more about them, in case you wanted to try them out for yourself.

Clockwise from bottom – Revlon Sultry Matte Balm, Dior Addict 871 Power and Becca Beach Tint in Watermelon.

Revlon Sultry Matte Balm – I purchased this shade and a couple others when there was a sale going on. I liked the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains (especially in the shade Honey) for that subtle tinted glossy look. These are moisturizing, more pigmented but not fully matte – they are more of a sain finish on the lips and easy to use. I find that because of this, they don’t last long and if my lips are very dry, do tend to cling a little once the moisture is absorbed. They build up nicely, so reapplying is not an issue. If you have dry lips, do moisturize as a part of skincare. I do like the shade Sultry. It pulls more dark berry-ish on my pigmented lips and warm toned skin, it is beautiful.They also have a mild minty feeling, which doesn’t tingle, but you can feel the mint. So if you like or do not like mint- here’s a headsup. I have also used it as a blush once, and it was fine dabbed onto the apples of my cheeks with my finger.

Dior Addict Lipstick 871 Power – I got this after watching it in a video on Youtube. It was 180.00 (approx.) AED in Sephora which made me cry a bit initially. But on the lips, this is divine. It is deeply moisturizing, has the most wonderful glossy finish and it will give your lips the most beautiful tint of tomato-red which is pigmented enough that you can see it and glossy to where your lips look juicy; and it fades beautifully. My lips at their driest and chappiest have responded well to this lipstick and looked amazing and plump. The colour and feel as well as the overall package are very classy and the lipstick is darn good enough that when the moisture is gone, the lips stay hydrated. Bonus – it looks good when you bring it out to retouch. I would highly recommend this if you like Dior and can spend a few bucks extra for a good quality high end product.

Becca Beach Tint Watermelon – I ordered this off Cult Beauty when it came as a GWP if you spent 50.00 GBP. The basic concept of this is that it is  a pigment in oil which hydrates but stains as well and it is waterproof – ideal for the beach (Hence, Beach Tint). There are many shades to choose from and initially I was planning to buy all of them, but then I realized I only use this as a blush, more than a lip tint. It gives a beautiful glow to the cheeks and once the oil is abosrbed, the tint remains put. It blends easily and smells divine. I usually blend it in with my fingers. A tip I have is- squeeze the tube with the lid on, pressing at differnt points before you use it – it separates sometimes and only the oil comes out – which is not what anyone is after. It comes in a small tube, so easy for travel and on the go. On the lips, it’s a beautiful berry red shade which then shrivels my lips like a matte lipstick once the hydrating core is gone. It also breaks off and clings to dry patches and causes flaking on my lips. Once it is dry, building it up is not a good idea, as I have tried. So I have not purchased them since I own pretty much all colors in blushes already. As a quick waterproof fix, this is a good blush. Not my favourite for the lips.

I want more recommendations for glossy, easy lip products for the office and on the go. Let me know your faves, if any.


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