Shakin’ that Juicy Shaker!

I have been driving everyone crazy these days – at home and at office – because whenever they have seen me, I have been wildly shaking the new Lancome Juicy Shaker in Mangoes Wild and applying it everytime I possibly can.

I know, I fell into the hype. But I saw them in the Sephora at Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi last week and could not resist. They sadly did not have the mint one, but this one was on my radar and made it’s way into my basket. Retailing here for 120.00 AED as compared to Sephora USA where its 21.00 USD. I could tell you to order from Nordstrom but honestly the shipping makes it just about the same price. *Hopefully it’s at Duty Free*


I did not like the YSL tint in oils for some reason. These I adore. I have not worn lipstick for the past 1 week straight – that’s how much I love Mangoes Wild. It’s a cutesy shape (of a Martini Shaker, obviously!) and its fascinating to watch the pigment mix with the oil to give the color payoff as you shake it.

These come in 20 shades – all fruit related and their scent is also aligned with that fruit. Mangoes Wild, no surprise, smells like a lush ripe mango. The color is a berry-red tint on the lips – not sure what Mango is red, though. One swipe makes the lips look juicy, with a sheer tint of raspberry-red, but once I reapply, the color shows up more.

The Mango scent at first was weird to me, I don’t actually like mangoes, but I cannot resist it now. The applicator is so soft and squishy! It is very pillowy and makes the experience of bouncing  it on the lips (recommended method of application) quite enjoyable. Since these are sheer, you don’t really need a mirror with them and so I have been applying them every time I can think of an excuse to. Reapplying does build up the color while also moisturizing your lips. They are not long lasting – you do have to reapply for the moisture, but I can get past that.IMG_0001.JPG

All in all, I would probably not go crazy and buy multiple colors as they all are, in the end, sheer tints. If your lips are as pigmented as mine, the lighter ones will be just oils with no shades, and the darker ones will mostly look the same. I would just maybe buy 2 more – the Mint To Be and the Berry in Love (or Vanilla Pop) – and that too, for the scents rather than anything else.



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