Becca, Highlighter, Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed

Becca(use) you gotta glow!

Highlighters are everywhere! Every company is launching new and improved versions whether it be liquid or powder or creme, and everyone’s caught up in this fervor. For me, it all started with Becca.

I was not initially into makeup, I did not even know what “highlighter” was. But when I saw Opal and Moonstone online – I wanted them so so bad! This was the time when Becca was only available through Glamazle and not in Sephora Middle East stores. It was priced at around 218 AED plus shipping. I found out that CultBeauty stocks them too and at a better price with free shipping over 50GBP. I did a merry dance, and these two beauties arrived! (Sephora in UAE has Becca – I would still recommend CultBeauty for the price)



Becca Opal and Becca Moonstoe Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed version. They do liquids too which I have ordered since then, and poured version which I cannot use as I am oily.

The powders are packaged in these alen spaceship like compacts with rubberized sides and metal detailing on the top. They are heavy and sturdy, but apparently that is not enough because these can shatter if dropped or handled roughly. The reason is that the powders are extremely finely milled and not pressed that hard into the pans-  which means they retain their butteriness and when you dip in your brush, a lot of product is easily picked up. The texture is divine on these – they melt into the skin and you can go from sutble to Wowzaaaa status really easily. Whats more, you can use them as eyeshadows, and lipstick toppers too!  They last on the skin pretty well for me and don’t break me out.

Becca Moonstone (left) is lighter and more champagne. Becca Opal (right) is a deeper version of Moonstone and pulls more warmth and depth. These powders are beautiful and I love using them for that ethereal glow specially in photographs or for special occasions.

If you are debating about getting them, don’t delay it any longer and get them! Just make sure you are not dropping them anytime soon.



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