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Caudalie Hand Creams- Lurve!

It’s really funny that I take so much better care of my face and body and hair – my hands I tend to forget. And because I have eczema on my hands, they do not like it one bit and retaliate. The past few weeks I have had really dry, sore palms and cracked bruised skin between my fingers and peeling skin on them. The tap water in Abu Dhabi has been so hot that we have not used the heater in 3 weeks now. So everytime I wash my hands, or do dishes – well, I am essentially boiling them.

I was in the mall two weeks back when after washing my hands they felt extremely painful, so I walked into the Sephora that was right outside and bought these two Caudalie hand creams for 28 AED each.


I applied the Creme Gourmande as I was paying for them, and it was cooling and calming. My hands no longer felt tight and uncomfortable. When we reached home, I decided to try the Des Vignes one, and when I woke in the morning, well – my hands were noticably better! I have been using them on the daily, throughout the day since then.
Here’s my review of them-

The Creme Gourmande has nourishing, antioxidant properties – that’s basically anti-ageing for your hands! It smells fresh and light and a bit citrus and sinks into the skin well and hydrates it.

The Des Vignes is just a scent variation and has one less ingredient from the back – Geraniol. The scent of this is divine – musky, sweet, floral and woody – I would love to have the perfume for this. I know Caudalie has one! It performs the same as the original, but spreads a bit easier. The scent also lingers longer.


I like to layer both and keep them in my purse. Since the tubes are small, its easy to cart them around and using them is an absolute indulgence. I love these so much, I will definitely repurchase them.



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