Butterfly Ball Lipstick Queen, Lip, Lipstick Queen, Saint Lipstick Queen, Sinner Lipstick Queen

Lips(tick) like a Queen

I love lipsticks, not the liquid ones- my lips HATE’em– but the good ol’ bullet roll up and apply ones. I have tried a lot of brands, but one of my favourites is Poppy King’s Lipstick Queen! I found out about the brand from YouTube after Poppy launched the Endless Summer Collection and promptly ordered them. I have almost finished them all, thus this particular order.

As we know, they don’t sell Lipstick Queen in Abu Dhabi – only online! And the prices –  I can’t even! I have found them to be stocked on Cult Beauty and FeelUnique, but by the time they come to me in the summer heat, I am scared that there won’t be anything left of them. Locally, sites like Alshop, Glambox and MarkAVip stock them. The best price is on MarkaVip and they have additional discounts as well so you can get one for around 70AED which is better than 125AED on the other sites – plus its free shipping. Sweet! They just take longer to ship, which is fine by me at this price point! All six came beautifully and securely packaged.
Here are the beauties I ordered – IMG_0049.JPG

To answer the mystery of the different coloured bullets: Typically, LQ lipsticks were either
– Saints (Sheer- 10% pigment) in the golden bullets, or
– Sinners (Opaque – 90% pigment) in the black bullets
Over a course of time, she released more lines, one of which is the Butterfly Ball line which has iridescence to mimic a butterfly’s wings- or something similar!- and this has the deep lilac purple packaging. The best way to try these lipsticks, if you are a new, are their sets which are quite economical. They feel akin to Dior Addict lipsticks, which I have an extremely unhealthy obsession with, these are more balmy. All are moisturizing with a very comfortable feel on the lips.

Here are the individual lipsticks I ordered –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also ordered the set of three lipstikcs in the Lip Nouveau kit because I wanted the Saint Berry and Sinner Red in there. I do not like shimmery or holographic lipsticks but the Butterfly Ball lipstick Fly in set this surprised the heck out of me. Here’s the slideshow for that as well for easy viewing-

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My over all thoughts- pure unadulterated love, I absolutely love them!! The bullets are metallic, feel sturdy and have a clamp to secure (not magnetic). I occasionally find droplets or condensation on the bullet, but that is natural as they have oils in them for that ultra luxurious feel.
Saints – I like them because they are sheer but pigmented, glossy looking and balmy but not heavy. They moisturize your lips hiding any dryness, texture and fade nicely while leaving a slight stain which only makes your lips look healthier, plumper and more perfect. There is no scent or taste which I highly appreciate. So easy to apply, and very low maintenance.
Sinner –These are the ones to go for if you prefer high impact colors and in a single swipe, comfortable satin finish. They have the same balmy feel so I would recommend lip liners. There is no scent and taste here as well. These lipsticks do not emphasize texture on the lips and last quite well.
Butterfly Ball (FLY) – To be honest, I was ready to pass this color on. I never wear pinks like this especially with that holo-iridescent shift. I find it usually looks horrendous on me. But I loved the dark lilac bullet when I held it and applied it to try for the first time. It is gorgeous. It’s a pink with turquoise micro-shimmer but in a iridescent, classy and delicate manner without making you look like you have weird lips. It is also, like all Poppy’s lipsticks, very moisturizing and makes your lips look plump and lush

I would highly recommend you check them out for yourself. They are definitely worth it.




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