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La Prairie Cellular Loose Powder

Have you ever powdered so much that it looked like a baking class gone wrong? GUILTY! I have oily skin, so I do powder pretty much everytime whether its over a foundation or a BB Cream. As I keep powdering my face through the day, I get that weird cake-face look and it just feels so heavy that I cannot bear it one bit! It’s so hard to find that ONE powder that will make you look flawless and mattify, set and blur in one go without looking heavy.

I have found my holy grail in the La Prairie Cellular Loose Powder in Transclucent 02. I heard about this from Tati on one of her WTF videos – the powder was amazing but it is so exxxpenseeeeev!!  At 100 USD or here in UAE, at 408 AED (from TRYANO in Yas Mall), it works out well at a per ounce cost, but it is still up there in price.


The box it comes in is so shiny, ironic that it is a mattifying, setting product. You do get 2.0 oz of product for the hefty price- plus a smaller travel case prefilled with 0.2 oz of powder for on the go. That makes the sting feel a bit better price-wise, since you do get a lot and it also has skincare benefits in it.

The travel size is packed on top of the big sized jar; both are plastic with a heavy top- the packaging is sturdy and thankfully, less hazardous than if it was glass.The containers  are almost similar – both jars have flip tops and a sifter that can be locked and unlocked. Both come with their own puffs for using the powder and both their lids can be unscrewed for using without a sifter (or refilling). The bigger jar just comes with a spoon-ish thing for making refilling the travel size easier without wasting product.

It comes in 3 shades – 00, 01 and 02. I have not seen 00 anywhere except the main website for La Prairie. I was told by the ladies at TRYANO at 01 will be too light for me (as I have warm undertones. I saw Temptalia’s review on this and her skintone matches mine and she said 02 would be better for her) and so I went with 02. It is also the most sold shade in the United Arab Emirates.


This is an amazing powder for the face. It is extremely finely milled and feels like nothing on the skin. It sets your makeup, excellent if you bake as it never looks heavy or settles into lines and pores or makes your skin look dry and wrinkled. It has a slight blurring and brightening effect. Blends out like a dream and I feel it has a sheer coverage as well, so perfect to use on BB creams. There is a slight fragrance reminiscent of Guerlain, strangely, the violet scent that is, but it is very faint where it will not cause any issues. It boats skin care and anti-ageing benefits as well, but I have not been using it that long to give an opinion on that.

The travel size is what I have been using for some days now and applying with the puff included (pressing it into the skin and dusting the excess away) as I feel that is what works best for my oil control and my makeup setting requirements. Even the travel size will last me for a long time as a little goes a long way, so I have decided that for me, it was a worthy investment.

Definitely check it out in TRYANO- there are no testers which is the one downside – but if you are very fair go for 01, else light/medium and above can try 02.



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