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Too Much (Becca) Champagne Pop!

When I posted about my love for Becca Opal and Monstone in my previous post, I knew my addiction was real – so real that I bought the Liquid Shimmering Skin Perfectors for Opal and Moonstone from Cult Beauty – and they are divine!! However, aside from that, there was a product I was dying to try – the Champagne Pop Pressed which was a collaboration with Youtuber Jaclyn Hill. I did not initially try it because I tend to mostly keep away from Limited Editions– once you like the product you end up hating it as well because you cannot use it that often and once it runs out, its gone.

Funny enough, Becca made it permanent in their collection. And I am thankful that I waited this long to buy it because recently they launched a Champagne Collection (with much controversy) and I was instantly drawn to the Face Palette. The packaging being lovely aside, you get a Champagne Pop, three blushes and a new highlighter – Prosecco Pop!
Cult Beauty is offering free shipping on Becca for August – Kindly avail it!


The outer package is all shiny and beautiful with the gold and white design. The back of the packet gives a background, ingredients and also a layout of the palette.


The actual palette has completely inverted colors from the outer packaging- but its gorgeous. It is weighted and looks so classy and feels just right in the hand. It’s not that big in size though – comparable to Benefit’s Cheekathon.


The blushes at the top are gorgeous. Amaretto (middle) is my favourite as is the bright Pamplemousse (right). I have yet to dabble into Rose Spritz as I am already quite shiny (oily) in the summer to bother with the additional glow, although it is beautiful nonetheless. The highlighters are on par consistency-wise with the actual powder compacts – the same butteriness, creaminess and the same finely milled quality powders. Champagne Pop (left) is the peachy wonder that has the world all bedazzled. Prosecco Pop is the golden champagne which is slightly warmer than Champagne Pop. It would look beautiful on medium/tan skintones on which Champagne Pop may look a bit ashy. Both look amazing on the skin and literally melt into it. I would advise a light hand, it can be a little too much sometimes- but if you are going for that – you go all out, it will look stunning!

The palette came with a sample of the Backlight Priming Filter which I had been dying to try. It is a bit less intense and shimmery than the Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquids. It is sutble yet imparts a glowing effect to the skin, brightening it and blurring the light imperfections on the skin making it look flawless. P1020557.JPG

Its quite light on the skin, not heavy at all, and sinks in so quickly. There is a faint scent, but nothing intense. Although if you use heavy foundations on this, it can mask the glow rendering it quite useless.

All in all, I am happy with the purchase. I am not into Jaclyn Hill – I don’t follow her that much. But it is a beautiful palette with amazing products and I am happy that the coveted Champagne Pop is permanent and I now have it

I bought mine from Glamazle for 298.00 AED which was the only place it is available to UAE as of now, locally. I have seen the Champagne Splits there as well, but I think that the palette is a better buy in terms of what you get in a sturdy palette as the compacts can break and crumble on little impact, plus this has better value.



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