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Because MUFE’s all ’bout that base!

I still remember the first time I tried a primer – it was a Rimmel London one in a blue and white tube – and I remember the reaction my face had to that primer till now! I never knew what primers were for, what use they had other than for people with skin issues (pores, texture, etc.) to cover those up before appling foundation.

Now, I am enlightened! I now realize that you need primer for prepping your face – you don’t only need it to cover issues; and primers aren’t just for smoothing – they are for color correcting, illuminating, nourishing and what not! I tried a lot of primers to whittle down my selection throughout last year. By far the only two PRIMER primers (marketed as primers as opposed to “you can use it under foundation as primer” products) that haven’t wrecked havoc are the Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizers and Becca Backlight Priming Filter (previously reviewed through sample here).MUFE1.JPG

I went to the MUFE Store in Yas Mall where the lady recommended the MUFE Step 1 in Caramel and the MUFE HD Concealor / Corrector in R32 for my dark circle issues. I have been dabbling a little into color correcting before concealing and these are a perfect combination.

There is minimal creasing and my under-eyes look fresh. Little is more with these products. The Caramel Corrector is pigmented but blends very smoothly and without causing orange under-eyes.

Further, not leaving the face aside, I wanted to try the Step 1 Skin Base’s in Smoothing and Mattifying. I have some lines under my eyes which I wanted to cover using the Smoothing Primer and I wanted the Mattifying one for oil control, but not wanting to shell out the 160 AED for 2 more big tubes, I found the sample sizes in Sephora and went for them.

The Smoothing one is very silicone-y and would fill in pores, very fine lines and other texture issues very well. My favourite is the Mattifying Primer because it does mattify my face oh so well that I require minimal touch up. It can also be used to make any cream lipstick matte by dabbing it onto the lips gently using a finger. I find that if I use a lot of it, the primer balls up and can make my skin appear very parched and dry. But if you are oily, especially in the humid weather in the UAE, this is brilliant and the small size means I can carry it with me and dab it onto my face for a touch up if I am very oily – that works excellent as well! Even the Smoothing primer can be used to touch up over foundation, which makes these bases a must have for me!

This is definitely a product I shall repurchase when I run out of it!


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