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A Good BeautyBlender Kit :)

I recently purged a few of my makeup brushes that I had had since 3 years now. All because Le Beaux told me that he suspected my breakouts were being caused by the brushes I was using for a long time.

As I was running short of my brush arsenal, I headed over to Beautylish to peruse some Wayne Goss brushes. I ended up not only with 3 of those, but with a new BeautyBlender kit.

It seemed like a good value and I wanted to try another BeautyBlender because the black one I had ordered from Luxola Singapore (way back when it was not merged with Sephora) was “different”. It’s egg shape was a bit pinched around the base and it never got as puffed up on wetting and wringing as the ones online seemed to be.

The value of the kit was great too! You got two BeautyBlenders, one mini BeautyBlender, one travel size charcoal cleanser (which I wasn’t aware even existed) and one Blotterazzi for 40.00 USD which is about 147.00 AED. And that, my friends, is a BARGAIN. A BeautyBlender will cost you close to 90.00 AED in Sephora anywhere in the UAE.


My one and only gripe is that the Bloterazzi came without the plastic compact that usually houses it, it’s in this cardboard thang that won’t last for long. Other than that, I am extremely happy with this purchase. These BeautyBlenders are just like the ones online and quite different to the one I had previously.

Makeup application is now very much a pleasure and I can finally understand the hype around the BeautyBlenders. I would recommend this kit if you are someone who wants to stock up on BeautyBlenders, but also wants to try the mini Beauty Blender and the Bloterazzi out.


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