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Croutons for your soup :)

I recently went to the Sheraton hotel in Corniche, Abu Dhabi for a dinner with Le Beaux and friends and fell in love with their “Spicy Crab Soup”. More than that, it rekindled my love for soups, not just crab soup, and the add-ons that make them more tasty. Specifically, croutons- those yummy bread crisps that make the soup wholesome. You can always add in an egg and thread it out, or oats or have a clear soup, but I love croutons and I learnt how to make them as well.


Here’s a sample of the ones I made yesterday, and it is a relative simple one to put together.

Things you will need:

1. Olive Oil – 4 tbsp
2. Pepper
3. Seasoning – Can be premade or prepared
(Oregano, salt, chili, parmesan, garlic and onion powder)
4. Cubed bread slices  – 7
(Preferably bread that is a little stale; not so much that it is rock hard)

How to Prepare:

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. If you feel like adding more oil or seasoning, do that. Once you have made sure all the bread is coated, spread out the cubes evenly on a baking pan and put in the oven for 5-7 minutes at 220C. I do mine in the airfryer and it takes roughly this long – you may need to check with your oven for how long it takes – the bread should be crisp but not burnt.

These are good for soups, salads and you can always add more flavour by mixing your own seasoning. Keep the extra cubes refridgerated – although, I have a feeling nothing will be left over once you taste them.

I am off to make some soup now, all this has made me hungry 🙂




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