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The Mizon Honey Black Sugar Scrub

It’s been a while since my breakouts first came out of the blue and smattered on my face, and it’s been a while since I have done any physical facial exfoliation. I haven’t used a proper, gritty scrub since ages! And because my skin is so clogged and reacting all over the place, I wanted to have something mild, yet scrubby which was not going to cover my face with a film like cream based walnut scrubs. *Shudders*

I had seen several DIY’s of sugar masks with honey and what not- Le Beaux has banned me from that because the last time I tried to make one, “accidents” happened. We know sugar is good for the skin, not for health. Combined with honey, its the best thing you can do for your face. And that is how, I ended up ordering the Mizon Sugar Scrub, because it seemingly had a list of ingredients I thought I would want on my visage.


Its colouring reminded me of the Fresh sugar scrub but the fragrance is so similar to Soap & Glory’s Sugar Crush (but not that intense). It is thick and gritty enough for my preference – if I really press and massage, it can be intense but if I am gentle, it is mild. That is true for any scrub, actually. It leaves my skin bright, hydrated and glowy (in a good way). It is not a miracle product, but I have been liking this on my face, especially the way I have been using it.


I usually cleanse my face and then pat it down – not completely dry.  I leave a bit of moisture on which helps the mask glide on my skin without tugging. I glop a generous layer all over and let it rest on my skin for 15 – 20 minutes. I believe if you are going to use a honey and sugar mask – you NEED the benefits of those ingredients. Scrubbing for a minute won’t give you that. The time the mask is on your face will make sure that the honey atleast calms and clarifies the skin and the AHAs in sugar get to work on your skin, mildly.

After 20 minutes are over, I wet my fingers and gently massage the mask for a good minute and then wash it off with luke warm water. I follow up with a toner and serum and that has been working wonders for my skin.

Do let me know if you use your sugar masks in the same way, and if you have tried it – how does it feel.



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