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The Mattifying Glowy Meteorites!

What can I say, I am a sucker for Guerlain Primers. I have all of them, and even though they alone will last me ages, trust me, had there been one in the 2016 fall collection –  it would be mine!!

I have discussed my love for the L’or Primer already. But I also have another love – The Light Diffusing Perfector Meteorites Perles. I bought it a while back, so it is in the old packaging. Boy! Does it feel like luxury! The bottle is glass with a silver lid – quite heavy and substantial. You get the standard 1 ounce of product which appears to be beautiful pearls suspended in a serum.


One pump dispenses a crushed pearl mixed with serum – it fascinated Le Beaux so much, he has been sort of waiting for the bottle to finish so he can tear it apart, and encouraging *egging* me to use it more. It costs 390 AED in Sephoras’ across UAE; but less than 250 AED in Duty Free.


It absorbs into the skin pretty quickly, yet feels like perfumed water on the skin. It is so light and melts right in, and feels a bit firming as well. The scent is Parma Violet – as always – but it doesn’t linger. Skin is mattified and rendered glowy – there is little shimmer which does get covered up if you use a heavy base, so I don’t really care for the glowy part unless I am wearing a light BB Cream.


Even on it’s own, it’s beautiful – with a bit of liquid bronzer and mascara. Perfection for those natural days and no makeup days. If you are very oily, you may need to powder a bit, which is the only downside – no oil control. I love it, even then!



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