Formula X, Makeup, Nailpolish, Sephora

Indelible love!

I rarely ever talk about nails or have nailpolish loves- the reason being that I never grow my nails or like anything on them. My nails are very brittle and I can never get them to grow past the nailbed length.

I have been on a purple kick bought on by the jelly shade in the Too Faced PBJ Palette (which I don’t own)– I bought 3 eyeshaows in the color dupe range, and a liner and I found a bright purple shade from Sephora in their Formula X, that I actually like enough to paint my nails with.


The shade is called Indelible (meaning: “Not able to remove/ forget”). Its a beautiful bright purple leaning slightly blue. It stays on well but I do need a basecoat and topcoat with it to make it more resilient and not have it chip in a day as I am prone to scratching my own nails under stress. There is no staining involved and it removes nicely. It’s a one coat polish and two coats do make it a bit darker, which is not an issue for me. The colour is still very pretty.


You can see the blue pigment in the bottle picture above. Its a beautiful shade and I have been getting compliments for that recently. It suits my stubby nails and makes my nails look elegant and bright. I am a fan of the Sephora Formula X nail polishes (not so much the top coat as it goops up too fast for my liking).

My purple obsession, is still strong!


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