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Having the “Custard”!

Since the dawn of NARS in UAE – which is probably this year itself – I have been skitting around a product that everyone has been talking about. I will not say “obsessed” because the word has been really overly used and abused. Everyone is obsessed about everything. *Shakes head*

Among the list of things I wanted to try from this brand, was the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealor. I somehow get panicked when it is time for the SA at makeup counters in Sephora to shade-match me – which obvously is needed! Duh! So I went there this past week and in the mini section near the till, I found samples of the Nars Concealor. I had peviously determined, myself, that Custard would suit me as Honey oxidized on me a teeny bit. For 65.00 AED, it was a perfect trial size sample.


The consistency is very thick, not goopy. I find that it is best to work one eye at a time when I use it for undereye concealing as it sets pretty fast and then its nearly impossible to blend, becomes patchy and tugs really bad when I attempt to do smooth it out. I only need one swipe on each undereye and then I blend it out with a brush and set it immediately with my powder. I find the doefoot applicator deposits the correct amount in one swipe for each eye, and is very soft – so doesn’t hurt the skin there or tug at it.


Another thing to note is that I don’t like this with a BeautyBlender. I much prefer a brush because the sponge sheers it out and then it starts to look ashy over my blue/purple undereyes. It does cover blesmishes very well and even conceals redness. If you get a lighter shade, it would be amazing for highlighting purposes.


It does tend to make my undereyes look very dry sometimes. But all concealors do that, so I cannot complain much. I like this product, but the application needs to be done part by part on the face as it sets fast, especially under the eyes. It has excellent coverage and once set properly, doesn’t crease or budge. It works with all my Guerlain and MUFE Primers quite well.

It is good, but it’s not HG status for me yet. We shall see.


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