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Matte Rescue Benefits ;)

Even though the weather has changed in the UAE, it is still pretty warm and humid during the day. I have been wearing just the Laneige BB cushion with powder (without primers because I found that that increased my breakouts), and that’s not cutting it for me. I don’t get as much shiny as feel greasy. Probably should stop touching my face as much, but still –I don’t like that feeling at all!!

I was in Sephora a couple days back and decided to peruse the little “aisle of doom” location (which in Abu Dhabi is *bleh*)  looking for nothing in particular. I did not think I would find the Benefit Matte Rescue Gel in trial size for AED 60 there! And I obviously bought it. I had been going back and forth between the Cover Fx Blot Drops and the Benefit Gel, but I saw this review on youtube, and well I don’t want to spend 42.00 USD without trying Blot Drops out first for products that do the same thing. As no store sells CoverFx, Benefit was a better, cheaper choice.


It is a “moisturizer” like gel, slightly blue tinted and lightly scented. Easily spreads and absorbs without feeling like a powder on the skin. There is no claim about filling pores, blurring etc. and it really doesn’t do any of those for me. There is also no silicone like slip which is excellent because that makes me gag these days.


A pea sized amount is enough for my face. It does not irritate my skin and existing blemishes. The gel is pretty good at mattifying though – really kept me matte. I have a feeling dry skinned people won’t like it as much – combination skin probably should avoid the drier areas of the skin. I say this because it sort of flaked the area on my upper lip which is my dry spot – so yeah that would be the only caution. If you have pores, texture, you will need to layer primers, and it layers nicely over them.

Definitely picking up the full size once I run out. Do try a sample if you can.



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