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L’OREAL Infallible 24hr Eyeshadows

I have heard people call them dupes for the Giorgio Armani “Eyes to Kill” pressed pigment shadows – which I do not own, btw – but they were notoriously hard to find in Abu Dhabi!
I’m talking about the L’oreal Infallible 24 Hr Eyeshadow pots. I have seen them all over social media, YouTube and every one raves and loves them; they retailed for 90.00 AED the last time  I saw them in the L’oreal Counter in Carrefour (pitiable collection of 5 shades, really), but I haven’t seen them anywhere there or elsewhere in ages!!

Luckily, I saw a few colours that I had wanted for a long time on Souq.com and they were for only 20 AED a piece. So an impromptu order was placed, and here they are  – the 5 I ordered – for your visual pleasure.infallible4

The consistency is of a slightly tightly pressed pigment. They even come with a stopper to ensure that the pigment doesn’t losen up over time or smash all over if you travel with it. The texture is buttery and somewhat creamy – but its not a cream.


There is a standard 0.12 ounces of product in each eyeshadow. I find that they apply well with a stiffer brush – are more molten-ish if the brush is wet – and with fingers. The colours I picked are –

Gold Imperial
Iced Latte


Cherie Merie
With A Twist


Gleaming Bronze

They look beautiful on their own for a light wash, over a base and even over other eyeshadows when layered. There is miniml fallout, but it would be better if you do the eyes first and then the face makeup. Now I am waiting for more colours to come up so I can add them to my collection.

I am happy that I managed to get my hands on them for cheaper- they are not worth 90 AED retail, so if you get them for say the 20 AED on souq – it would be a better bargain.



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