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Jeju Wipes- Face Shop

My  adult acne battle is still continuing at full force. The thing is, I have noticed that recently I have had no more new “friends” pop up. What I had also has gone down and well, the only thing that remains on my face now are the remanents. I couldn’t be more pleased about it, and more scared to jinx myself.

The only things I changed was adding the Wei Detoxifying Masks and replaced my Pixi toner with The Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Lava Pore Cleansing wipes. I purchased them at the The Face Shop in Al Wahda Mall for 60 AED a pack (roughly more than 1 AED a wipe if you want to break down the cost). wip1.jpg

I read really good things about this range and I thought, well it would not hurt to try at this point. And it worked!


The way I have been using it is as my last step in skin care. I wash my face before sleeping and then wipe it all over my face – going over the areas where I am prone to breaking out couple times over and then letting it absorb into the skin. If I feel too dry, I might use a bit of SKII Essence or Clarins Lotus Oil and go to sleep. If I don’t use it the wipes the night, I will just use either one of the Lotus Oil or the SKII Essence. In the morning I will clean my face and again go over with the wipe on my face. I haven’t used sunscreen in ages because that also I think causes me to erupt like a volcano. The wipes are well soaked but they don’t sting at all even on raw pimples. They also don’t dry out your skin like a prune. I have used them around my eyes carefully and they have not agitated the skin. If you aren’t careful, I am sure they would sting.

If you have not tried them before, try them. They might just work for you too!



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