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Ambient Palette – Hourglass

This little number broke the internet when it was released. Sadly, Hourglass is not sold in the UAE (ranting inside at the injustice), but you can order it online from Glamazle or Alshop. Mine cost me nearly 275/- AED including shipping, and believe me I have been very happy with this purchase.

When it arrived, it was as beautiful as expected and an ideal way to travel with three powders in one palette. However, the packaging was a bit..too light plastic for what I paid. This basically means that it while it looked amazing and beautiful, it was not that luxurious or sturdy and till now I fully expect it to crack when I drop it. Also, this means that the powders inside will crack as well – it ain’t that good for travel if you are travelling rough, if you get my drift.


Once you open it, you have the three powders inside – Dim Light, Incandescent Light and Radiant Light (Left to Right) and a good quality mirror to go with them. The pans are decent sized and will accommodate most brushes which is good.


The powders are soft, buttery and go on extremely well on the skin. However, the product is so finely milled and delicate, even the softest brush causes quite a bit of kick-up. Of the three, I find Incandescent Light to be the most “highlighter-esque”  with shimmer in it, while still being amazing no doubt. My favourite brush to apply them with is Wayne Goss No. 2 from Beautylish. Here’s a close up of them.


My thoughts are that even though I think the packaging is crap (but good looking and chic) and the powders will shatter easily on slight impact, they are nonetheless extremely good quality. Hourglass seldom disappoints in delivering beautiful products. They are by no means setting powders offering oil control or anything else, they are finishing powders which means they go on in the end as a final touch. I cannot see a drastic visible difference when I use them on a full face of foundation; I know they are meant to mimic different light settings but still, it’s not like I apply them and suddenly everything is perfect.

However, I do love them on a BB cream or on bare skin, which is how I use them most days. My preferred way is to apply a light BB cream and then dust Dim Light over the center of the face, Radiant Light over the perimeters (as I would a bronzer) and Incandescent Light over the high-points (as I would a highlighter). In that respect, the powders really deliver. I can see them smoothing my face, blurring a lot of pores and giving me a beautiful radiance. You can even mix them to create your custom ambience. Dry patches, etc. will obviously not go away and if you are oily – please use a oil control primer / spray.

I will definitely repurchase and also order full size ones once I am done with these.


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