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Wei, my pimples are gone!

I am back to being “punny” if you have noticed, and if it was an eyesore – sorry, I just couldn’t help it.

I have had a massive adult acne breakout since few months and it just wouldn’t clear up. I ended up ordering several masks and creams to combat it, but it would again start after a few days. Whilst roaming on CultBeauty a few weeks back, while deciding whether May Lindstrom’s Problem Solver was a good deal or not (I did order it by the way!), I saw these capsule masks from Wei. I usually hate jar masks (Hello, GlamGlow and Sephora Mud Mask!) because you have to keep them open while you apply them, you have to find a spatula and scoop them out or use fingers and it just gets too tiring, and forget travelling- buy travel sizes additionally for that or decant. I have done it all the time, but I needed a break. And these Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask capsules from Wei sounded like just what I had asked for.


The packaging is a clear plastic frosted sleeve with designs on it which houses the 8 capsules of the mask and a plastic haired soft brush (it’s a good one, bonus!). I find that you don’t really need one full capsule for the face, unless you are laying it very thick and covering your neck as well. I can get about 3 uses out of each and I just store the capsule with a small weight on top, so the mask does’t dry out (which it doesn’t actually).



The scent is mild, not artificial and does not bother me. The mask feels cool when you apply it, goes on very smooth and dries down around the 15 minute mark for me. I tend to keep it on my face longer and then wipe it off with a warm-water soaked faced towel. It also does not make the skin feel very tight and I only need a light serum for the night. If you have dry skin, you might feel the need to put on a thicker lotion.


Fair warning to sensitive skin types: It burns when you first put it on your face – not sting, but burns and the feeling lasts for a good 2 – 3 minutes. For me I can tolerate it by grinding my teeth and my face is slightly sensitive and red afterwards (but that may be due to the towel-wiping thing as well). It comes naturally after using 4 pods till now, so I suppose I am used to it in a way. The mask does not dry tight/hard or flaky/crusty and there is no mess involved. The mask  dries down to a red-brown colour, if that is a thing you are curious about. You can even use this as a spot treatment and I find that it works wonders in that aspect too! It’s good for travel as you can pack one or two capsules and be good to go and the brush will fit in your makeup/toiletry bag.

It has dried out my active acne so well. I use it alternate nights as a spot treatment and once a week as a full face and neck mask. If you can get past the sting, it is beyond wonderful. My pores have cleaned out noticeably, texture has gone down and my pimples dry out the morning after I apply this as a spot treatment. So so good! If you are not willing to only commit to this, they do have a trial pack with three types which I may order next. Every pack comes with a brush which is so darn handy because you can apply it so well with the brush.

I highly recommend this mask for anyone who is dealing with acne and wants to clear it up, or likes a good clay mask which is highly purifying.




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