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We are Mint to Be!

When I first started blogging, it was somewhat spurred by my love of Lancome Juicy Shakers and I wrote an article on the first one I bought and continue to love that till now. The Mango scent and feel of it on the lips, luscious!

However, I could not for the life of me find the special Blue coloured shade also known as “Mint To Be” which bummed me out. I had seen it when I had first gone to the Sephora in Yas Mall but all of a sudden it was sold out and never restocked after that day!

But, I found it on Nordstrom and well, here it is.


mtb2There’s nothing much to really say about these lovelies. They are bi-phase (oil plus pigment) lip oils contained in a vintage inspired shaker miniature – courtsey Lisa Eldridge- who I love to bits. It feels quite interesting to whip it out and then shake it so that the pigment and oil mix to give the lips a beautiful tint and moisturize them. They do separate if you leave them be for sometime, so shaking it is essential. Especially  handy if you sit in an air-conditioned office like me all day long and now that winter is almost here, to prevent cracked lips. Each shade is inspired by a different scent and named after it – so Mangoes Wild smells like a ripe mango and Mint To Be is, well, minty.

Mint To Be’s includes a slightly shimmery blue pigment in oil. The beauty of this in not in that fact that it gives a nearly undetectable tint to the lips, but in the fact that it makes the teeth look whiter and to some extent freshens the breath. Bonus – it’s cool to whip a blue oil out and apply it. People just stare at you expecting Smurfy lips!


The conical applicator is so comfortable to bounce on the lips, and you can even layer other shades of juicy shakers to create your custom blend – divine. The lasting power is not that great so I have to keep reapplying, which is fun and I do not mind at all. The oil is not heavy and not too light where it streaks everywhere. It just makes the lips look so ripe!


So far, I would recommend all of the shades available. If you are looking for this particular one and cannot find it, Nordstrom is the way to go. The shipping, though, is overkill in my opinion.


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