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A little Skinny Dip for the Lip!

Although matte lipsticks are my favourite, I cannot tolerate liquid lipsticks. I had pretty much given up on all formulae till I heard a couple bloggers rave about the Jouer Lipsticks. I guess they raved about the topper a tad more than the lippies themselves, which is why when Skinny Dip was restocked, it was promptly ordered by me.

Now, here is the confusion. When I received Skinny Dip, I assumed it was a chrome/foil kind of liquid lipstick from the description and the reviews. The packaging was similar to the liquid lipsticks and the fragrance was lovely- strong vanilla caramel – I could scent this even as I opened the tube for the first time. It was champagne and metallic and all I wanted to have for myself.


It’s a gloss people, for lack of a better thing to call it – that’s what it is – a darn gloss.

When I swatched it on my hand, it looked beautiful albeit felt a bit thicker than usual. On my lips, a generous layer of it felt too thick…but not liquid lippie thick – gloss thick. It was too much on it’s own  – very metallic and texture enhancing. So I paired it over Noisette (also from Jouer) and blended it in. A little of this goes a long way, so you need to be careful not to overdo it. 


I had thought in my mind that it was a foiled liquid lipstick that will dry matte on top of another matte  lipstick and give it a foiled metallic sheen – NO! It never dries down, makes the lipstick move a lot since it is thick and goopy itself. Basically, it halved the life of my matte lip.


Complaints aside, it is beautiful to look at in the tube. I would never wear it alone because it is so glittery that it makes my lips look weird. I would be using it very sparingly over my lipsticks to add a gloss in the center of my lips – or mix it with a lip balm to sheer it out. It doesn’t apply evenly for me with the wand because of its thick texture. But it is not sticky at all, and the smell may be a little overpowering for the sensitive nostril owners.

Overall, I am a bit miffed at this purchase. I mean I love the color and the effect it gives (when I do not over apply it), but it is really not anything special. You can get similar glosses from MAC, BareMinerals, even Rimmel – which to me makes this that much less special.

If there is any specific way of using it, I would be welcome to suggestions.


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