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Le Monarch by KVD..

Sephora in the UAE has stocked Kat Von D in the last few months and I have been fluttering over that counter everytime I am in the store. I know everyone raves about her Shade and Light eye palette, which is a darn good one – but I had not seen the other palettes of hers in store at all! When I searched online, it turned out that they may have been discontinued (which would explain their absence in Sephora). So, like the little obsessive freak I am, I hunted down the Monarch and Chrysallis Palettes – and ended up buying only the Monarch one because it appealed to me the most.


The outer package is beautifully designed by Kat and the same is reflected on the actual palette as well. The packaging of the palette is a strong cardboard which is travel friendly albeit a bit on the heavy side. There is a mirror as well, although I would not use it for myself. No brush as well, which is fine by me.


Here’s what the shadows look like. Their names are printed on the back of the box but I would still prefer to have them in the front – just for the sake of ease. The quality is beautiful – so buttery, creamy and blendable. They are very pigmented so it is easy to go heavy by mistake. There is also a bit of kick-off when you dip into the powders. But the quality is astounding. I am in love with this palette!

The colors themselves are divided into three quads – the warm on the left, the neutral on the right and the slightly cooler silvery version in the middle – but you can obviousy use them in any combination.

If you can find this palette, please get it. It is worth everything I spent on it and comes highly recommended from me.



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