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Holiday Skin Saviour – The Problem Solver!

It was the season of breaks from work, family coming over, parties and over indulging..and the time of the month combined with the stress of how to enjoy and do everything at the same time. It was fun, no seriously! I had a blast and what was a bonus was that my skin did not breakout as much as it normally would have – which was the main reason I could let go and enjoy more. I did not even use that much foundation this time – only a BB cream.

The credit for this goes to the May Lindstrom Problem Solver mud mask. It is highly recommended on Beautylish and Cult Beauty and even Tati gave it a rave review. The only thing upsetting about this is the price tag – 90USD and that made me weep a bit while I was ordering it. Luckily, the guys at Cult Beauty somehow sent me two separate packages of this –  I have no idea how!! So now, I have a backup when my current one runs out – after a decade I suppose!


The reason why I finally gave in was that the price versus quantity was a good ratio. Also, it has natural ingredients and comes in a powder form and won’t go bad or dry down like, say, the GlamGlow masks which are more expensive if you look at the price per quantity ratio. Let me give you the low down below:

Packaging wise it is luxurious. It comes in a plain black cardboard box and inside you have the heavy glass bottle with the lid. Feels sturdy but I will not be dropping it anytime soon! The only bummer I have is – it should have come with a scoop since it is a pain sometimes to measure out the powder and tilting the jar is a disaster of its own. I have put a small scooper there for this purpose.

The whiff that you get when you open the jar is a mix of cinnamon, clove, a hint of cocoa and some spiciness. It is a heating mask so I guess there is a bit of spiciness involved. The powder looks like dry clay but the fragrance is quite natural and not artificial.


To use, well here is where I differ from the rest of the negative reviews. I find it quite simple and not messy at all. You scoop a teaspoon full of this into a ceramic bowl / glass jar. Add a little bit of water at a time and mix with a brush ( I use the pointed foundation brush from Real Techniques). It WILL froth up and become a bit foamy and that is when you spread it all over your face and for me I take it down the neck as well.

They say to keep it on the face for 40 minutes, and I try to do that but if I am in a hurry, I wash it off after 20 minutes or when it is dry. It comes off very easily with water and the particles make it a bit scrubby too! It does make the sink messy but not like the mask sticks. It washes off easily.

When you apply it, it does turn warm and on some days the stinging is intense but it does diminish after a few minutes or so. Skin feels very smooth and bumps are reduced. It gives the skin a flushed healthy look. If you have dry skin just follow it up with a nice cream and you should be fine. Over a few days of usage (I use it every other day if I am expecting a breakout and use half the amount I would usually go for) pimples dry out, pores appear tight and clean and even blackheads are reduced.

For me this mask is a win and anyone who wants to invest in skincare should give it a try!



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