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Nip+Fab Daily Glycolic Pads are A+ !

I may not have having a breakout currently. But I have evidences of their historical, unwanted presence in the form of scars and bumps on my face. That is not cute. I have to use a BB Cream to even my skintone out, but still, I would rather be makeup free!!!

I have read about the benefits of Glycolic acid and have recently purchased Alpha-H but till that comes, I have been using the Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Cleansing pads that I ordered from ASOS when they had a sale. They were pretty affordable and were delivered within a week to UAE which is fast!


The container is a plastic which houses the 60 exfoliating cleansing pads, pre-soaked in their broth which as per package contains a number of good things for the skin. Quite good for travel and less messy for me.


I have been enjoying using them as a toner after my morning face wash or after I have done my makeup removal to get off any residue. I do avoid the eye area as per usual. They do not sting, just slightly tingle and leave the face hydrated as opposed to dry and tight. It may be because of the hyaluronic component. Because I have oily skin, it does tend to feel heavy after a while – so as soon as that happens I just splash water on my face and then pat dry and follow up with a serum.


This is a good product. I have not reacted from it and it has been keeping things in balance. It also effectivly removes residual makeup and dirt which is so handly on the go. The pads that are presoaked are just the right degree of soaked – not dripping and not dry as well. Their texture is plain on one side and bumped on the other to exfoliate as you rub it on the skin.

As a budget buy, very good. Dry skinned people will not feel their skin is stripped but if you are oily – maybe you will need to do a post water-splashing.



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