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Velvet Lip Glide Set – Mind Blown!

Normally I would have stopped at the Marc Jacobs “Up All Night” Mini Lip Creme’s! set that I got from Sephora, but there was no turning back after I swatched the 5 mini velvet lipglides by Nars that come in the Mind Game Holiday set featuring Sarah Moon.

The velvet lip glides were launched in 2016 and for all intents and purposes, they are glossy lipsticks in a liquid lipstick form. They are not long lasting or super matte but they are very comfortable and velvety on the lips. A full size retails for 145 AED on which I am not comfortable spending on a new formula – so this set was an easy way to try new colours as well as how they fare on my lips.


Needless to say, I am in love! By far the only comfortable liquid -lipstick I have are the Jouer ones – I ordered more! So these are a welcome addition to my collection for times when I want to wear something richer than a gloss which is not matte.

The outside packaging is swoon-worthy. I liked it overall – too bad the inside does not have anything except plastic housing the 5 lipglides. The product in each of the tubes is half of what you would get in a full-sized one, which makes it a steal price-wise. The scent is a light vanilla- nothing overpowering or artificial. The colours in this set are all autum/winter suitable- but then the thing is that they can be used lightly to mimic stains and berry looks so for me, they can be used whenever.


I also like the applicator – it’s a doefoot with flat sides which means there is no over deposition of product and its easier to line and swipe at the same time.


I find the texture and colors very flattering and very comfortable. Yes, they do not last long but they fade well and do not bunch up. They don’t accentuate cracks or dry lips and sort of dry down to a velvet finish. They are also easy to apply and layer and even mix up which makes it so so easy to make a custom colours. The reds do seem similar in colour, but then on the lips they do have sutble differences in tone and warmth.

The darker colours do streak a bit and may be patchy, but if you do thin layers, they are beautiful. Overall I find this set lovely and worth it. If you are still debating on it, just go and get it. It will be worth it.


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