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Eye Wand Mini’s!

You know what’s cute- mini makeup! Mini lipsticks, mini powders and mini mascaras. I don’t even remember the last time I bought a full sized mascara because I have been stuck with loads of mini mascara’s that I am trying to use up. It’s better in a way because if they don’t work for you, tossing them is not that hard. I have two to review right now.


I know you will recognise the Benefit They’re Real!  and, yeah, Better Than Love  is what happens to Too Faced Better Than Sex in the UAE. It makes me laugh everytime I see it.

Their wands are also different – while the Too Faced one has more of a brush thing going on, the Benefit mascara has plastic short spikes all the way to the tip.



And now, here are my thoughts on them.

Benefit They’re Real: The brush is a medium brush with plastic short spikes all around. It even has those spikes at the tip (where product tends to muck up and you need to wipe the excess off before you attempt to use it) so you can reach the inner and outer eyelashes and coat them. The mascara formula seemed thick and yet coated the lashes well. The brush does not come over loaded with product on the sides, at least in my tube. I can only do one coat of it and even that feels heavy on my eyelashes- which means that I basically feel it on my eyelashes weighing them. Building up needs to be done fast because it dries down and sets fast. It gives decent length and in my case, a spidery look to the lashes. My lashes have a bit of a curl, but this made them lose that little bit also, so it is quite heavy. If I use a curler, it is better. Removal is easy with a oil based makeup remover (I use Garnier Miceller water – dual phase).

Too Faced Better Than Whatever: I have the mini of the origin non-waterproof version. The brush is more bristly than spikey and is slightly larger than the Benefit one. Also, the shape is slightly more “hourglass” to give more drama to the eyes and hug all lashes. The formula was slightly less thick than the Benefit. The formula is hence, also easier to build up. You get a lenghty spidery dramatized look in 2-3 coats and then it feels like one coat of Benefit to me. There’s not much of a volume for me personally. The curl was maintained and with a curler it’s even better. The one issue I had is that my eyes are a bit watery and even a little touch would cause this mascara to spread all over my eye socket area in smudges. Very easy to remove with plain micellar water.

So, I would recommend both mascara’s depending on your preferences. If you rub your eyes a lot, then Benefit with a single coat or quick multiple coats should be good. It will not smudge or flake. If you need more drama, go with Too Faced which is easier and less heavy. One coat of this is perfect for natural makeup days. I would like to try the waterproof version of this as well.



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