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My Fave Caudalie Serum

You know you love a product when you finish the bottle and throw it away (not remembering to blog about it) and hunt down the teeny sample you got the other week, just to tide you over! That is exactly what happened with my Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Anti Wrinkle Defense Serum.


Long name, but this is so good!! I ordered it on a whim from Cult Beauty, because even though it is in Boots, it’s a hyped up price which I am not willing to pay. My oily acne prone sensitive skin loves it, and it never makes me breakout. Also, my skin texture has improved a lot since I have been using it. If I give it a break, I actually miss using it.

I flicked the image from, because I don’t have the bottle, but here’s what this looks like.


The bottle is a dark green glass with a dropper to dispense the product. I needed only about 3 to 4 drops for my entire face and neck. This serum is milky white and has a slight scent, native to Caudalie in it. It is definitely not overpowering.


The texture is slightly viscous and tacky. Once you rub it into your facial skin, it spreads nicely and sinks in without leaving a trace. I feel it does have a little mattifying effect. You can feel the hydration it provides without making you feel like an oil slick.

In the morning and at night, regardless of whether I do wear makeup or not, after I wash my face and tone, I either go for this or my SKII Serum. I find I do not have to use a lot of moisturizer as it is a very hydrating serum and often I even skip that part. It does not clog my pores or cause irritation or bumps.

I will say that it makes my facial skin plump and healthy looking after continued use. My skin loses that dull sallow look and feels refreshed. My under-eye fine lines do not appear so deep and my skin looks firmer. If you use it diligently, I am sure you will see the results too.

A definite repurchase for me, always. And an even more definite recommendation.



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