Chaotic Top Coat, Nailpolish, Sephora

Sephora X Chaotic Top Coat

What can be better than nail polish you ask? A Nail topper ofcourse!!

I hardly wear nailpolish these days. I have no time and I am so stressed I start peeling it off my nails in office. Not good I know, but cannot help it.

When I wore nailpolish the last time, I decided to play it up and use a recent purchase – The Formula X Chaotic Top Coat. It is basically minute black and white chunks in various shapes that are suspended in a clear polish for lack of a better explaination. I put this on a white polish and loved it.


I have used it on different nail polishes I have – particularly pastels, light colours, bright pastels- you get the point. And it looks beautiful every time. It does get a bit hard to remove, but Sephora Glitter Polish removed does get it off easily.


I would recommend you try this, just for fun or to spice up a manicure that may look like it needs a pick-me-up!


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