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Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm <3

I know I have oily acne prone skin and using a heavy balm cleanser is the last thing I should be doing, but trust me, it works. Choosing a good cleanser is important and it depends on preference – facewash/creme (without or with a face cleansing tool), cleansing oil, or the cleansing balm with muslin cloth. My favourite is the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm. I ordered it from Cult Beauty in a set of 150gms which came with 3 Emma Hardie wash cloths as well.


The three jars I got were 50 gms each, in a plasic packaging so I was not worried about them breaking apart. I absolutely and utterly HATE the lids. After 2 weeks of using my first jar, the lid came apart. The golden shiny part of the lid is actually a foiled insert. The plastic of the lid will crack, no matter what you do to prevent it. The insert will then keep getting stuck or popping out and the foil goes EVERYWHERE in chunks. It does not even come off your hands that easily. The packing is a horror.


The product though, absolutely beautiful and the best in my opinion. I should compose sonnets on it, but I suck at poetry. The texture is soft and slightly gritty. You do feel little gritty lumps when you massage it in, but they are not harsh at all. The colour is a light yellow and the scent is a divine moringa- which is similar to the cleasning Nip+Fab Oil, but unlike that, this does not sting the eyes or cloud them over. The balm melts into a beautiful oil as you rub it onto your face. I had read that the balm is called a sculpting balm because it is also meant to be used as a facial massage balm and is quite anti-ageing and firming.

At present this is what I have left. I have finished all 3 jars I had, and am going to order more!


This is my relaxing therapy. I apply it directly onto dry skin. After rubbing it in for a minute or two, I take a muslin cloth under hot water, wring it out and then lay it over my face. That way my pores open and the balm can deep clean. I massage the balm a little once again and then again with a warm damp muslim cloth, remove it off. It comes off pretty easily; there is no residue or oily layer. My skin feels clean, hydrated and yet not oily.

I generally use the balm after my micellar water, so the makeup (or what little I wear) has already come off. If I have makeup on, I will do this step on my second cleanse so that I do not reclog my pores. It gives the skin a wonderful glow and removes all traces of makeup. Dry skinned people I know also love it, so basically it suits all skin types.

No matter your skin type, age, whether you wear make up or not or whatever, cleansing the face is so important. In fact, if you skip or don’t do it properly, your skin suffers and it shows. If you want to try a cleansing balm, or a new method to treat your skin, give the EH Cleansing Balm a go.




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