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Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Mini Fail

I have heard a lot of buzz around the Huda Beauty Liquid lipsticks..and while they are a 100 AED per piece on Sephora, I was not that into buying them till I saw their mini lip-kits in Brown, Nude, Pink and Red release. Better value, much to try – so here I am.


I bought the Brown Mini Kit with the shades Trendsetter, Flirt, Spice Girl and Vixen. I liked the colours, although they do change depending on the pigmentation of your lips. On me the shades are daker than in the tubes. A bit of foundation on the lips should take care of that, no doubt. The bottles each have 1.9ml of product and the price is better on CultBeauty than Sephora UAE.


And here’s what I think of them –

Packaging: The bottle is a frosted glass and weighted, feels nice. But they are crap inside packaging wise. I hope to God the full size ones aren’t like this, but I am not willing to even try. The stopper does not work! It means that unlike a Jouer or Anastasia liquid lippie, where you pull out the wand, the stopper squeezes the wand a bit so there is no over coating – it does not happen here. The wand is generic as per liquid lipstick standards. It is also always overloaded. The stopper also stops the liquid lipstick from flowing out like water, isn’t it? Try and invert them by mistake when they are open to check the lipstick name – it will drizzle on your clothes. It has happened to me twice before and also right now, as I picked one to try and wanted to check the shade. Not a fan!


Texture: The smell is quite strong and artificial vanilla. You can smell it as soon as you open the tube to apply and it lingers a bit till they dry. They are very liquid-ish in texture – akin to rubbing thin glosses on your lips. You do need to scrape the excess off because it will be goopy and messy. It goes on well and feels comfortable althougha bit dry. The colours dry down different than what is initially applied depending on how pigmented your lips are.

Longevity: What longevity? I wore all these shades to office and within 3 hours of applicaion – gone. I only had the outer rim left but the fade was even and there was no crumbling so I guess that was a bonus. Better to not eat or drink with them on. They take around 2 minutes to dry in a thin layer – till then you will get a transfer- but its minimal.

All in all, not that keen on going and buying all. I much prefer my Jouer ones (need to write about them here)  and Anastasia ones to these. Try one before you go bonkers about the colours would be my advise, and the mini kits are always a better option.




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