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The best lip gloss topper!

I never like lip glosses..never!! But then, I have never seen so many lip glosses on the market being tossed around as “awesome” and “everything”, it made me curious. I had a set of Estee Lauder around 6 years back, and I never used them that much.

The kind of lipgloss everyone seems to like is the light peachy golden sparkly one..and while Marc Jacobs Sugar Sugar sounds wonderful, I am not on board with spending around 200 AED on something I am not sure whether I will like or not.

Searching for a cheaper, similar option led me to browse Sephora brand and well, I found a gloss I use bloody everyday! Alone and over liquid lipsticks also! And it is sooo good!


Let me introduct you to Sephora brand gloss in the color “Sand”. Onto the review:

Packaging is very standard for glosses. But the tube does not feel cheap or anything. It feels very high end luxe. The wand is also a good ol’ hourglass shape and you don’t really get product gooped all around the wand, so you can control the amount of gloss you want.


The texture is a sticky gloss- peachy in colour and with golden sparkles. You can never feel the sparkles and because it is a bit sticky, it lasts a long time. It gives a beautiful sheen on the lips and makes them look pouty. The scent is a wonderful light vanilla – and I do not mind that at all.

All in all, beautiful gloss to have. Very highly recommend.









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