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Yes High-Liners, No Glitter – please!!

I have wanted to try the Marc Jacobs High Liners for a long while, and I recently bought this trio set of miniatures from Sephora to try the black, brown and copper liner mini’s to determine if I even wanted to invest in the full size ones.


The packaging is typical luxurious Marc Jacobs – all metal and twist up and sturdy. You can feel the quality of packaging. The colours in this set were also very neutral and everyday wear appropriate. There is also a good amount of product in the liners. In this set there was 1 matte (Black), 1 slightly sheeny (Brown) and 1 glittery (Copper).


The consistency is on par with the full size High Liners. They are highly pigmented, creamy and set quickly, so last long and don’t tug on your waterline a lot. Even for me, with my watery eyes, they last atleast 4 to 5 hours – which is amazing. They don’t dry out so easily as well – but sometimes the entire kohl just falls out in a stick – and it has happened with only the glittery copper one which I hate anyway.


It is a good value set to try – the colors are neutral, everyday appropriate. The texture as I said, is amazing. I would steer clear of the glitter ones if your eyes are even slightly sensitive as my water line as well as my eyelid reacted to the glitter and gave me swollen eyes for a week. Even a Sephora MUA at Yas Mall agreed and said she had the same reaction.

Choose between this neutral set, or the other mini set that they have with beautiful colorful liners – and try out this line. I would also be trying the new matte liners that they launched recently. They are comparable to the MUFE aqualiners but not quite as long lasting.

A good value in my opinion and worth trying out.


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