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Lovin’ the First Light!

It blew the market up when it launched and everyone was talking about the beautiful primer Becca launched in the pale lilac colour! Aimed at brightening and making claims of changing a bad face day into a fresh face day – we have the Becca First Light Priming Filter Primer.


Since it has not launched in Sephora UAE yet, you can get this from Cult Beauty online.


It came in the standard Becca packaging- similar to its predecessor – The Backlight Priming Filter. The bottle is a frosted glass which feels heavy, luxurious, well made and with a pump to dispense. Again, this is in line with the Backlight they lauched before. Size is a standard 1 ounce.


One of the most intriguing things about this product is the colour. It is a pale purple- almost pastel colour. And it comes out the same way on the skin. It actually smells nice and fresh like a sweet lemonade. Once you spread the primer though, it sinks into the skin in a few minutes and there is no purple tinge left on the skin.


Here’s my review on this:

Packaging/smell: I like the packaging. It is actually nice. The smell is a bit sweet citrus and may bother some of you, to me it was fine and it softens as the product sinks into the skin.

Performance: I love this primer. It works beautiful as a base for my oily skin as well. I find that the primer spreads nicely – you need only 1 pump for the entire face and neck. Also, it does appear to leave a cast on the face – but let it sink in for around 2 minutes and that will be gone. My skin always looks brighter, plumper as if it just had a big drink of moisture. It makes me look less tired and dehydrated. I do go over this with the MUFE mattifying primer in areas I get oily, but thats because I live in a very hot and humid place. If you are staying indoors, only this as a base and a mattifying seting powder should be fine.

The trick here is to use only a pump and let it sink in. Dry skinned girls would love it too! Some days I just wear this and the MUFE primer with no foundation, only a bronzer-blush and I am fine! I have received compliments on the glow this gives.

Definitely a recommendation!




2 thoughts on “Lovin’ the First Light!”

    1. Oh yes – it is a lilac wonder. I do let it sink it to the skin for a few minutes (1-2) and then go on with foundation/bb. Even though I am an oil slick, it does not make me overly greasy. This looks so so beautiful and without any shimmer/glitter!

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