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Nars Bord de Plage Review

Nars has been recently killing it with their launches. I have fallen in love with their Unfiltered I palette and based on that I purchased the Highlighting and Bronzing “Bord de Plage” palette. Not released in UAE as yet, stocked on Nordstrom though.

The packaging of the palette is gorgeous. I think this is part of their Fall’17 collection but it reminds me of Autumn so bad. Also, not as much of a fingerprint magnet as their old palettes, this one is very sturdy and feels luxe.

The palette is very value adding considering the amount of product you get and the fact that the consistency is the same as the full sized ones. Further, this would be ideal for travel.

The products are 4 highlighters and two bronzers (Laguna and Casino in the Sunwash formula). Only one highlight (Riveria) and the two bronzers are re-promoted, rest are new.

The highlighters, let me just say, are beautiful. So pigmented and subtle on the skin, but when you wet them it enters a whole new dimension. I absolutely love them. The bronzers are a bit stiff in the pan and when you swatch them you may think that nothing is coming off. But with a synthetic brush they are phenomenal. Build-able and so natural that the skin looks naturally tan and healthy.

Do try and not use this over a wet product, say foundation. The reason is that the brush you are dipping into the product will transfer that moisture on the powder which can in some cases lead to the weird hard crust on the product.

Overall a beautiful purchase. I do admit I am more excited about the Highlighters than the Bronzers.

Did you like it too? Share those thoughts!


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