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Resurrection of Lorac Mega Pro I

If you remember the fiasco with the Lorac Mega Pro I, it really boggles my mind why they would even try to release it now after three years almost! However, I am bloody happy that they did because it means that more people can enjoy the goodness that this palette is. I just hope they haven’t tweaked the original formula, because that was GOLDEN!!

Mine is the old version- the first release. The palette is massive with 32 shadows and like the normal Pro palettes it has the upper two rows of matte shades and bottom 2 rows of coordinating shimmers. The formula remains the same as their smaller Pro Palettes – highly pigmented, soft and buttery, lots of kick back and the bit of powdery-ness.

But nevertheless, this remains till this date my favourite out of all the Mega Pro’s that have been released! The shade selection, the usability and versatility have made this a winner in my book. The cardboard packaging is sturdy and sleek so you can travel with it, knowing it has an enormous mirror for helping you out!

My favourite way to apply this is with a Wayne Goss #6 brush and not more than 3 colours at a time. They blend seamlessly, they do not skip and they do not muddy when you layer them. You get neutrals and you get pops of colour which are still tame. Shimmers are excellent and along with the mattes can be used wet and dry. This basically increases the value of the palette for me. They last really well on the eye lids and since I always use a primer anyway, their performance is outstanding.

If you see this around (it’s available on Glamazle in the UAE and they now ship all over GCC) pick this up!! You will never regret this and trust me you will use it a lot!

I mean, what’s not to like about this palette!!


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