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Anastasia’s Subculture

Heyloooos there! This took sometime to get into perspective because since this palette has launched, there has been nigh but controversy. From the powdery fallout to the blending issues and the brand owner drama- this was one very talked about baby!

The packaging is reminiscent of the Modern Renaissance Palette which is a cult fave for many. The velvet cover is also the same.

The same number of shadows but in beautiful colours! I bought this solely for the colour scheme. It is different and so autumnal.

Now for the actual product. I actually like it. It is not as good as the Modern Renaissance but that is also because the formula is quite different. The Subculture feels like a palette of pressed pigments. I don’t find it any more powdery than Lorac Pro shadows and those give a ton of fallout as well. These ones need you to be careful and not go in with a hard and heavy hand to pick up enough product. They are highly pigmented and a little goes a long way.

If you like to build up colour, this would be the best thing. Another point I often need to remind myself is that the palette includes complimentary colours. And those can get dark and muddy if you blend them together. Not a palette for everyone, though and I can see why it has polarised reviews.

The primer I use is the Essence one and I set it with a powder well before going in with the shadow. My favourite brushes to use this with are the Wayne Goss ones- they are perfection!

I so far am quite happy and alright with mine.


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