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Natasha’s Lila

It was only last year that the Natasha Denona eyeshadow palettes created waves over the internet. Everyone was mad about them, and also mad at them for being so expensive. I was one of them mad ones and I also tried not to give in to the hype. Not that it worked anyway, since I saw the promos for the new Lila Palette on Beautylish.

The purples got me, is all I can say. The palette looked beautiful and I succumbed to temptation. This was a gift to myself on my birthday this year (or that is how I am justifying it).

So now for my thoughts on this:

1. Colour Selection: The colour scheme is amazing. The purples and fuchsia colours really make this a perfect palette for people like me who like sparkle but also like purples in various tones. I don’t really think many people are aware that Natasha Denona eyeshadows are a “self-blending” formulation. This means that as the shadows are blended, they mimic a complimentary transition shade so there really is no need to go in with different browns and what not for transition colours.

2. Packaging: I like the packaging. It is faux leather kinda foamy. It feels heavy and the lid is magnetised. There is a mirror and a sheet with names on which basically also serves to protect the shadows when in transit. You can rip it off so it is not a hassle. Glue it to the back if you want to keep a track of the names. The lid however, does not stay upright and needs support, just to keep in mind.

3. Formulation: I hate to say this, but these are lovely. So so pigmented that even without a primer they are vibrant, true to colour and fade after 6 hours on my extremely oily lids. With a primer they last up-to 10 hours. The mattes are creamy and the shimmers are sparkly without being tacky and resembling glitter. They even manage to hide the texture on the lids if you have any! They do remind me of MUFE, Becca and higher end formulas. I use synthetic flat brushes or my fingertips to apply the eyeshadow and blend them out with my Wayne Goss 04 brush.

4. Price: It retails for 129USD. To get it to the UAE it cost me approx 7USD more for customs, etc. and I bought it from Beautylish. In total this cost me near to 500 UAE Dirhams. My husband had a fit at this. But guess what, I think its alright price-wise. If you want more details- check this video by Stephanie Nicole.In a nutshell- each shadow has 0.5 grams more product than a full size MUFE eye shadow. So basically you are getting 15 more-than-full-size eyeshadows with a formula rivalling MUFE for almost the price of 6 of their eyeshadows. If that is not a bargain I don’t know what is! It just feels that bad because, well, it’s forking out the money in one go, as opposed to buying a bit at a time.

I absolutely love the palette. Beautylish does not offer instalment payment plans for UAE so this is a one time payment. But believe me, you wont be disappointed at all.


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