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My little “Falafel”

The times my husband goes vegetairan (It’s a weird habit), I have to really struggle with snacks mostly. Because of that, I wanted to try something different and, since we both love Falafel’s here in Abu Dhabi, I wanted to try and make them.

Here’s what I have learnt while making Falafel over the last few weeks leading to this..


DO NOT under any circumstance use canned chickpeas. Well, I suppose you can TRY and use them, but it will not be the same. It will be come mushy and not have the grainy texture required.

Soaking them overnight or atleast 12 hours is required. Add a bit of salt while you are at it too. Doesn’t do anything – but I do it anyway.

I take about a cup full of dry chickpeas and soak them overnight in slightly salty water straight from the tap. Come morning, drain them and rinse them once and leave them to slightly dry in the colander.

While they are dripping the excess water out, I collect the rest of the ingredients. For this quantity of chickpeas, a handfull each of coriander and mint (or traditionally parsley), 2-3 cloves of garlic, one medium onion, salt and pepper, 1tea spoon each of cumin and coriander seeds (roast them before if you can) and 2 green chillies are enough. You can blitz them first or just throw them all in there and then add the chickpeas and start blitzing.


The recipe calls for all purpose flour but I substituted that for wheat flour (around 2 table spoons) to be added while blitzing and this is how the texture finally comes to be. It is grainy but still cohesive. At this point, just taste it for seasoning, adjust accordingly and get to forming small balls or little patties and fry them in oil. It will probably not look like it will stick together, but magically it will and it will be tasty!


So that is how I make it. They are crispy, tasty and you know what is the best part – you made them, so they are healthier, tastier and can be had on demand.


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