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Bite those minis!

Bite Beauty is one of those brands that as hard as you may seek them out, there’s no store available which sells them in UAE. This brand is well known for their agave lip mask and being food grade – which means if you ingest the lip products (which we all do in a way), it’s edible.

They recently released their Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipsticks and I was intrigued. While there was no way of knowing whether I would love the formula and buying a couple colours to try was not feasible, I managed to order the smaller KISS holiday set that came out just to get a feel for them.


The packaging of the product is quite holiday season appropriate. The mini lipsticks have a rubber casing – similar to the full sized one’s. They are tiny though – making them perfect for clutches. The package has 4 mini liquified lipsticks and the colours are a nude (WHIP), a cool brown (DEMI GLACE), a red (FLAMBE’) and a raspberry (BRAISE). So there is a bit if something for everyone. I don’t really like it when brands think holidays is about just red and red, and red!

Also, there’s that glass bottom that shows what colours you are going to get which is handy when you are rushing and want to pick one up!


They smell nice, but I am not bothered by smell unless it is too strong or too rank that I get a headache. The texture is thick and whipped, slightly reminiscent of Anastasia Liquid Lipsticks where it is mousse-like and won’t spread easy. That being said, I usually blend them in with my finger or a brush so they melt with the body heat and spread better. Colour application is creamy, without skips and tugs and does not accentuate lines and the flakiness of dry lips.

These are literal liquified lipsticks where they don’t dry down. The initial application is tacky but becomes cushiony on the lips after a while and does not dry them out. Over a period you forget they are there. With such a texture though, less is more and a thin layer would suffice better than multiple layers. They last almost the same amount of time as a cream lipstick straight out of a bullet would last – 3 hours maximum if you have eaten. The red and berry do stain the lips but it comes off with a makeup remover.


The applicator is HUGE as compared to what I am used to I suppose. I am not a fan of this one and prefer something more sponge like in texture. I know it is meant to hug the lips but on me it was overpowering the lips!


That being said, the colours are beautiful and as I already said – there’s one for everyone! You can mix them as well to create your own shade.

Aside from the applicator, I do like the formula and colour selection. I would definitely check out more colours and try to order them online. If you want to try liquid lipsticks but cannot tolerate the dryness or have dry/lined lips and would prefer not to dry them further – try these.


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