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Fresh Lips for Holidays

Come Autumn, my lips start feeling dry and chapped even inside the house. The humidity vanishes and the air in UAE turns so dry – it makes my lips crack and sad. Say Hello! to Fresh Lip Balms – a luxury for my poor and suffering lips and the holiday set I purchased with multiple balms in different colours!


Adorable tin packaging for these 6 mini Fresh Lip Balms. I bought this set because it has so many options, plus the tin is reusable! It has, I believe, all the different shades of the lip balm available plus 2 colour pencils – for some reason. It is quite cute though.


These lip balms come in sleek metal tubes – each corresponding to the specific colour balm. The texture is rich and balmy and quite moisturizing. I even like the way the lid screws on the tube instead of being magnetic or just clipping on. That way I am ensured that if the tube is in my bag, it won’t suddenly come off and well, be messy.


The tints are sheer, yet it gives a beautiful look to the lips. I will obviously have to give the clear one to my husband since he likes them too!

I would recommend this set if you are looking for tinted balm options – but which actualy hydrate the lips and make them look lush, plump and beautiful in the dry and cold months to come.

Lovely product and highly recommend.



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