Cover FX, Highlighter, Holographic, Makeup

Cover FX Mini High-lighters!

The brand CoverFX has recently launched in Sephora UAE bringing the much raved about Custom Cover Dropper bottles of foundation and enhancers/highlighters to us. I was not that keen on the foundations; I am always scared of getting a breakout – but the glowy highlighters though!! Amaaaaaaaazing!!!!!!

I am glad I waited to pull the trigger on purchasing the full sizes because for Holiday 2017, they launched their set of 4 best selling mini highlighters in a cute little kit!


It’s adorable, has glass packaging and the same dropper as the full size bottles. Although, I must point out that the dropper business will get very messy easily over a period of use.

The 4 colours included are Celestial, Halo, Rose Gold and Moon Light and the formula is consistent with the full size ones.


They are creamy, without the glitter particles and blend seamslessly into the skin. They can be used over and under base products – though if you are using a full coverage foundation just use them on top. The only scenario I would use them under the foundation is if it is a light coverage or bb cream.


They work well with sponges and brushes as well. Lovely product and if you are planning or have been planning to try these, I would highly recommend this kit.


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