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My Sinner and Saint

Winter is in the air, and Kat Von D has yet again enchanted me by her work on the new Holiday 2017 Saint and Sinner Palette. Inspired by Cathedrals she has visited, the packaging of it really resembles the doors that open to beautiful stained glass windows!

As you can see, the outside box does resemble the inside actual palette. And it is BEAUTIFUL!! I love the fact that Kat does the artwork on her palettes which always makes them unique to her brand. Plus its cruelty free and vegan- which is a bonus. The packaging of the palette is a heavy card board- so not the lightest one around but really well made and thought of.

The palette opens like doors via the round flap at the top (also cardboard) to this beautiful assortment of colours inside. There are two mirrors on the side – more aesthetic than practical, they reflect the eyeshadows when the palette is standing, giving a lovely depth.

Also, LOVING the fact that the eyeshadow names are on the back of the outer box, the back of the palette and under the eyeshadows themselves! Little details make this a winner.

Now, a lot of people who have bought this are confused about the colour assortment. But if anyone had bothered to watch the video Kat made, they would know that it is essentially two palettes in one. Let me illustrate this:

If you close either of the flaps, then the palette layout makes more sense. Should you want to go neutral – left side please! Feeling the colours and hues – off to the right you go! Obviously this is makeup and you can use it however you please! But it irks me when people complain without really researching thoroughly!

The colour combinations are remarkable with a few unique shades thrown in. There’s the two topper shades for transforming eyeshadows. There’s mattes and then there’s the shiny stuff. Although the mattes don’t necessarily swatch the creamiest, they apply beautifully on the eyes without much fallout. The combinations of colours for eye looks is endless and across the board the shadows do perform extremely well.

This is an all in one palette for me and I am so bloody glad I ordered it online because Sephora UAE yet hasn’t received it and I was scared it would be sold out if I waited!

On the whole- quite happy, quite satisfied and quite in love!


4 thoughts on “My Sinner and Saint”

    1. I dont think it will come to the UAE sephora.. i used mallfortheworld.com and had it shipped from the sephora USA website. They had their sales on that time and shipping was 9 dollars. Usually its 20 plus.


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